twigz_logo_hiresTwigz is a company with its sole focus to develop the love of gardening and the environment in children.

Plants play a vital role in our environment and Twigz shows children how interesting and enjoyable planting and growing plants can be.

All our gardening equipment is ergonomically designed by Twigz for children to use in the garden and function the same way adult tools work.

We believe the more children understand about plants the greater their understanding will be of the environment they live in and will one day be looking after.

Twigz is a fun brand of gardening equipment that children and parents can be confident to use in the garden. Twigz designs gardening equipment that is functional for every little gardener. You might also see our products being used in childrens gardening activities in garden centers, schools, horticulture shows and community gardens.


Please have a look at our great product range, parents might be tempted to use our products but sorry we only make products for kids.







     buckets                         wheelbarrow                         hand tools






      long tools                         watering cans                     gardening gloves


Mini Green HouseMyFirstTools_OrangeBucketbutterflynet






mini green house                    my first gardening toolbox                 butterfly net

Twigz Pro Tand Tools Set

Twigz PRO Hand Tools – Product Information

Product design

Twigz products are designed to be ergonomic, functional, durable and safe for kids to use in the garden.
They are manufactured to Twigz high quality standards which are maintained across the range.

Child safety is of utmost importance to Twigz.
We ensure all Twigz products and manufacturing meet
international standards and are free from sharp edges and hazardous substances.