Care and Use

Congratulations for making the switch from Plastic! You will now do your part to save our landfills from nasty plastic.

Our Cheeki Bottles do not wear and tear quickly, but we recommend taking a few precautions to make sure your bottles look better for longer!

Cheeki Bottles are not dishwasher proof; instead we suggest you simply use warm soapy water with a gentle dishcloth or brush. If you need to get rid of stubborn stains, soak your Cheeki Bottle in Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with warm water overnight, then rinse and scrub.

Cheeki Bottles should not be frozen, as they morph out of shape. However, feel free to place your bottle in the fridge or push ice-cubes through the opening for ice-cold drinks.

Our standard range of Cheeki Bottles are single walled stainless steel and are not suitable for hot liquids as they will become very hot to touch. Our special insulated range can hold your hot drinks. There are several varieties so have a look at them we fell sure you find one just for you!

Insulated Containers: Insulated Bottles, and new to our range Insulated Flasks and Coffee Mugs.

Cheeki bottles are suitable for fruit juice, sports drinks and nutrient rich beverages.

Carbonated, alcoholic and fermented drinks can build up a fizz so take care when opening the lid!

Finally, remember to store your Cheeki bottle with the lid slightly loose as to keep the bottle ‘breathing’.

We hope these guidelines help you keep drinking from Cheeki bottles all day everyday!